A Reputation for Success in Personal Issues

There are many different areas in your life where you may require expert legal advice. When the time comes, you’ll want to be sure that you’re dealing with real experts who will work quickly and efficiently to help you. At DNP Law Firm we have extensive experience of providing a range of high quality private client legal services. We will ensure that you get the best possible solution for your needs whilst maintaining the highest levels of client confidentiality.

Our personal legal services include:
  • Family law & mediation; including divorce & separation, issues related to children, social services & care, and financial issues;
  • Older client services; including advice relating to care funding, powers of attorney, and wills;
  • International legal advice; a range of services related to tax planning and wills, overseas property and cross boarder matrimonial disputes;
  • Personal tax service; assistance with tax returns for both individuals and estates, consultancy related to capital gains tax, and investments
  • Residential property; assistance in buying and selling a home, mortgages, investment, and leases;
  • Wills and estate planning; estate planning, writing wills;
  • Court and regulations; representation before tribunals and committees, advising tribunals and committees, and consultancy and training on regulatory work
  • Crime & Investigations; Criminal investigations can affect people from all walks of life. We’ve represented clients from a range of industries, including Finance, Healthcare, Construction, Sport ..;
  • Employment & Work; including Unfair dismissal, Redundancy, Discrimination ...;
  • And others.